About Tracey Murrell

Tracey Murrell is an Australian Artist, known for her use of brilliant colour. She aims to brighten the world with her work. Her artwork on your wall will help you feel more positive about the world around you.

Born and raised in Sydney, NSW, Australia, Tracey has been creating art her entire life. With multiple, varied careers under her belt, she decided to make it her vocation in 2013. After several years selling in galleries, coffee shops and pop up shops with a small online presence, she decided it was time to broaden her horizons and focus on this website, creating beautiful products based on her artwork. She now lives on a rural property outside of Gloucester, NSW, Australia - on the Gloucester River.  Her environment both inspires her and provides her with a beautiful setting to be creative.

While Tracey works in many mediums and in many styles, with brilliant colours being the main common thread, one method she keeps returning to is Pointillism. This is creating art works using dots. She works in Acrylics and Soft Pastels at present. But as with all things Tracey, that could change in the future! Pointillism is a slow form of art and each work takes many hours (read days/weeks) to create. However, it is wonderful to watch the image slowly build, often from quite a chaotic, messy beginning, to the end result. Each work Tracey does speaks to her - and, in particular, tells her when it is finished. There’s no real ‘end goal’ at the beginning. Just a vision of what she is trying to create and it develops through the process. Sometimes, the plan to do a work a particular way is totally changed during the process as the work reveals another path to Tracey along the way. 

Tracey suffered a harsh loss late in 2021 when her partner of 41 years died. As any widow knows, it was an awful time of pain and readjustment. Nothing in your life prepares you for what happens when you lose your life partner. However, Tracey had painting to fall back on to help with her mental and emotional state. Working in pointillism was particularly beneficial as it is a slow form of art that is very similar to mindfulness and meditation. She used this to work through her grief. After some months, Tracey realised that this process would help other widows, whether they are artists or not. In fact, it will help anyone going through any personal trauma or stress. But as a recent widow herself, Tracey decided to focus on those who were going through the same things she was. So she created Widows Art Community. In this group, she teaches the pointillism method and the widows meet via Zoom twice a month to work together and share their stories. It has been a wonderful transformation for all those who have participated - including Tracey. If you are a widow, or know someone who is, and feel you might benefit from the community, please reach out to admin@widowsartcommunity.com. Tracey will contact you and give you more details. You can also follow Tracey at Widows Art Community where she shares stories about being a widow.